Header Soccer

Flash based Soccer Games are becoming more and more popular. While being easy to play you get most fun from these awesome games. Your main mission is to score as many goals as you can in your opponents’ gates. Always remember that your enemy is faster than you but you have to be smarter than him. Choose the best positions to leave no chance to defenders and goalkeepers of rejecting your shots. In some games you will have to come up with different tactics like attacking strategy or ultra defensive. Sometimes you are not alone and you have couple of members playing for you.

Try and learn team play, believe me it is quite important. In this very game your opponent is just one goalkeeper that is trying to reject all your shots. One of your teammates is passing you a ball and all you have to do is to choose when to shoot the ball with your chosen power. If you choose to use maximum power be sure that you shot ball will fly over your opponents gate. So be careful, try to shoot with normal power and choose appropriate time. Use mouse for moving your player and use left-mouse click for shooting the ball.

Header Soccer Walkthrough