Flood Runner 4

A brand new, the fourth sequel of the online flash game Flood Runner 4 is here! Have you ever though of overcoming 30 levels of different hardness at the same time? Then stay with us and enjoy the dreadful waves. Your main character is allowed to run and jump over the obstacle sand escape the wave of death. How do you think will it be so hard for the main character to be with you and stay in the lists of alive people?

Try to unlock new sets of different environment and stay tuned in the matter of speed as it is one of the leading factors providing a key to the door of the thing called success. Bonuses, power-ups, awesome jumps, glides and the wave of death – all of them combined will make your day memorable. Run for your life avoiding all the given obstacles coming from the left side of the screen. Be fast enough to collect the bonus points which will result in higher scores.

How to Play Flood Runner 4

The objective of the Flood Runner 4 is to run as fast as you can avoiding obstacles on your way. The only thing that matters now is survival!

Flood Runner 4 Walkthrough