Cat Mario

1. How to Play Cat Mario
2. Controls
3. Tips and Tricks
4. Cat Mario Walkthrough

The game Cat Mario is one of the Mario video game franchise by Nintendo. Mario was created by Japanese designer Shigeru Miyamoto. Since that time, the Italian plumber residing in the Mushroom Kingdom, became the main hero in our lives and made the Super Mario the best-selling video gaming franchise of all time throughout the world . Not to mention the Super Mario platform series, there are lots of video games in other genres with different heroes.

This flash game is the best modified animal version of the Super Mario video games in the web. This online cool game has the main character – the little white fluffy cat instead of an Italian plumber. The layout of the game Cat Mario is very simple and resembles other Mario games. The graphics are nice and the soundtrack is still pleasing to listen. Remember that the game gives you the chance to win but you shouldn’t fall into huge pits or be killed by enemies.

The game is very challenging and funny to play as you kill your time and entertain. The unknown risks make this game even more popular and addicting to play. While you are jumping and thinking about safety landing on your enemy the danger comes from the sky – be aware of some atomic bombs that drop straightly from the air. The game is more interesting as besides the visible enemies there are lots of invisible ones. So, do everything to avoid them.

How to Play

  • Try to go as far as possible through the great Mushroom Kingdom despite the enemies that might stop you.
  • Do everything to successfully land on your enemy. If you jump over the scary enemies you will get some points and the opportunity to stay alive until the game is finished.


In order to defend yourself from icky blobs, perform a jump. Just follow these simple rules:
Move left/right – left/right arrow keys
Jump – UP arrow key or spacebar

Tips and Tricks

If you lose all of your lives that doesn’t mean the game is over, it will continue and if you lose again, the lives will go in minuses.

Cat Mario Walkthrough